Our coffee fundraiser provides some of the highest returns among all leading fund raisers. We provide a tiered pricing system that rewards your fundraiser for maximizing coffee sales. You can earn more than a 100% profit. That’s right, you can more than double your money, and you don’t have to pay ANY money out of pocket!

Return Customers

One thing that sets us apart from nearly every other fundraiser is the quality and morality of our product. We supply FRESH ROASTED, 100% certified organic Fair Trade coffees. These coffees are of the finest gourmet grade Arabica organic coffee on the planet. Nectar of Life Coffee has been the forerunner in gourmet organic coffees since 2002.

Your customers will be thrilled with the quality of the coffee, and many people strongly believe in purchasing certified organic Fair Trade products. You will find that your supporters will request more coffee long after the fundraiser ends. You can run the fundraiser year after year, or multiple times per year. Using our Coffee Fundraiser you are sure to maximize your organization’s funding.


We won’t list your cost publicly (it’s way too low!), but we will list our suggested retail pricing and the tier breakdowns.

The recommended retail price of the coffee is $11/bag regular and $12/bag Swiss Water Processed Decaffeinated. HOWEVER, you are free to charge whatever price you wish. We have found that certain communities can support a higher retail price. If you happened to be fundraising in one of these communities you can earn WAY MORE than a 100% profit.

Tiered Pricing and Shipping Charges

Tier 1 (0 – 239 bags)

If your fund raiser sells less than 240 bags of coffee you will have to pay for shipping. We receive discounted Ground shipping rates from FedEx and UPS. We will charge you our actual shipping cost. The coffee will ship from the Western United States.

Tier 2 (240 – 499 bags)

If your fundraiser sells 240+ bags of coffee you will receive FREE SHIPPING to one location within the Contiguous 48 United States. Free shipping will GREATLY INCREASE your profit margin.

Tier 3 (500 – 999 bags)

Once your coffee fundraiser hits the 500+ bag mark you’re in for HUGE SAVINGS. Not only do you receive FREE SHIPPING, but we also knock off $0.80/BAG!. That’s right, we reduce your cost by nearly a buck a bag. This means your coffee fundraiser will earn an additional $400.00 for every 500 bags sold!

Tier 4 (1000+ bags)

We extend the same discounts as Tier 3, AND we WAIVE THE PRIVATE LABEL FEE! If you choose our Private Label Coffee Fundraiser option and your fundraiser sells 1,000+ bags we’ll waive the $0.30/bag charge. This means you will make an additional $1.10/bag sold!


You can either purchase the coffee in advance to sell at events, or you can use order forms to take pre-orders. If you choose to take pre-orders you will need to email us a tally of how many bags of each blend were sold. You will also need to specify if the blends are whole bean or drip grind. Based on the quantity of bags sold we will calculate your cost and email you an invoice. You can pay the invoice by any of the following methods:

Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover)
Certified Check
USPS Postal Money Order

We must receive payment prior to roasting your coffee. Once payment has been received your fundraiser coffee will be fresh roasted, package and shipped within 10 business days (usually sooner.)