Private Label Coffee Fundraiser

Our private label option is one our most popular fundraisers. Using a private label can build brand recognition and highlight your organization.

We charge an additional $0.30/bag for private labeled coffee and require a minimum purchase of 72 bags. The $0.30/bag fee applies to the front label only. If you would like a custom back label there will be an additional $0.30/bag charge. Most fundraiser opt to use a custom/private front label and our standard back label. The back label lists the blend name and description. It also gives information about the roaster and Fair Trade.

The custom front label will have your artwork, package weight, organic certification information and whether the coffee is whole bean or drip grind.

How it Works

Our private label dimensions are 3.25″ W x 4.00″ H. There is a 1/8″ no print zone around the edges (white.)

Option 1

Print Ready Private Label Coffee Fundraiser

Print Ready Private Label Coffee Fundraiser

If you have print ready artwork you can email us a digital file. We will create a mock-up of what your label will look like on a bag of coffee. There is no Charge for this service.

Option 2

Logo Private Label Coffee Fundraiser

Logo Private Label Coffee Fundraiser

You can email us a high resolution image of your organization’s logo. We will create a custom label using your logo. You will be emailed a mock-up of your label on a bag of coffee. You can request up to 2 revisions without incurring a charge. Additional revisions are $10/each.

This option requires that you give us a credit card to keep on file. We will place a $40.00 authorization on the card (no money deducted.) If your fundraiser fails to meet the 72 bag minimum requirement we will charge your credit card $40.00 for the art fee.

Option 3

Custom Label Coffee Fundraiser

Custom Label Coffee Fundraiser

We can create a custom label from scratch. All you have to do is give us an idea of what you want (color scheme, fonts, etc.). We will create a beautiful private label for your fundraiser. The charge for this option is $120.00. You will be emailed a digital mock-up of your label on a bag of coffee. You may request up to 2 revisions. Additional revisions are $10.00/each.

If your coffee fund raiser sells 1,000+ bags we will waive all art fees, and your fundraiser will earn More Profit!

Getting Started with Your Private Label Coffee Fundraiser

If you are interested in getting started with your coffee fund raiser please use the contact form located at in our navigation menu. If you would like us to contact you via phone please be sure to include your phone number.

Here’s to having a profitable coffee fund raiser!