Coffee Fundraiser

Welcome to Coffee Fundraiser!

This is the official site for one of the most established coffee fund raisers in America. We make use of the finest gourmet coffees available. Our coffee fund-raiser ensures the highest profit margin for our customers. All coffees are fresh roasted prior to shipping to make sure that your fundraiser is a huge success with tons of return customers. If you have been looking for fundraising ideas then look no further. Not only will your customers be thrilled that you aren’t pushing chocolate or cookie dough they will be exciting about this fundraising opportunity.

What Makes Our Coffee Fundraiser So Special?

We offer our customers many options. You can choose to use our parent company’s label (Nectar of Life), or you can use a private label. We give the option to take pre-orders so you can pay after you collect the money, or you can purchase coffee in advance to be sold at events. We even give the option to create your own online fundraiser so supporters can purchase fresh roasted coffee online year-round.

If you are a coffee lover then you know the difference between good coffee and GROSS coffee. We only use the gourmet grade Arabica coffees. All blends are certified both Fair Trade and Organic! In addition to being organic and Fair Trade certified, we use kosher certified coffees as well. Coffee Fundraiser is committed to providing the ultimate coffee experience. You can rest assured that your fund raiser supporters will be blown away by the quality of the coffee provided. Fundraising with us is a win win situation.

Private Label

Private Label Coffee FundraiserWe will create a custom label using your artwork, logos, or we can create one from scratch! If you provide your own label artwork there is no additional charge. If we create a label using your logo there is a 48 bag minimum purchase requirement. If we create a label from scratch there is a $100 fee.

If you aren’t interested in using a private label you are free to use our parent company’s label. We extend a discount for using their label. You can check out their label and more about their coffees at


Taking pre-orders is the most common fundraising option. We will provide you with a custom order form featuring a color picture of your private labeled coffee. You simply give us the information about your fundraiser and we do the rest. Your order forms will have a description of your fundraiser and the coffee blends. The back of the order forms will contain rows to take orders and include customer information.

Once you have finished taking orders you simply send us the tallies. We will send you an invoice that can be paid via credit card, PayPal or certified check. We will fresh roast your coffee and ship it within 10 business days (depending on quantity.)

Online Coffee Fundraiser

We provide an option to setup your very own webpage. Your supporters can purchase coffee directly through the webpage using credit cards or PayPal. The coffees are fresh roasted and shipped directly to customers within 5 business days. Due to the labor intense nature of this type of coffee fundraiser your profits will be less than taking pre-orders or purchasing the coffee upfront. The good news is you still receive $4.00 per bag sold, and it requires very little work on your part. Fundraising with your own online webpage is one of the easiest ways to make money with no work on your part.


For pre-order fundraisers we supply FREE shipping on orders of 250+ bags to one location within the Contiguous 48 United States. For orders of less than 250 bags we charge discounted FedEx Ground shipping rates.

Online fundraisers are charged a flat rate of $5.75 for every pack of 3 bags. Customers can choose FREE SHIPPING for orders totaling $150.00 or more. We only ship online orders within the United States.

More Information

To get started or request more information please use the contact form located in the top menu. We will get back to you as soon as possible. If you would like us to contact you via phone please make sure you include your phone number.

Thanks for visiting, and may you have an extremely successful coffee fundraiser!